As an active developer with new product continually being introduced, we are keenly aware of the value the local and national brokerage communities bring to commercial real estate, and we regard you as critically important partners in our endeavors.  We invite your inquiries and offer these three key commitments to you:

  • We will make it easy for you to obtain the property information you need;

  • We will provide your clients with a quality product backed by proven and reliable service; and

  • We will compensate you fairly and timely for your service.

One of the more significant reasons for this website is to facilitate your access to the information you need to effectively include our properties among those for consideration by your clients.  For example, for each property available for lease, you will find here the following information:

  • Identification of the property's location by three separate means:  a narrative description, a graphic map, and the property's street address;

  • The size of the building, and the maximum contiguous size of available space;

  • A photograph of the building;

  • A floor plan of the building showing the location within it of each available space;

  • A site plan showing the configuration of the property and its parking;

  • The parking ratio;

  • The lease rates by location within the building;

  • The TI allowance;

  • Any incentives currently offered;

  • A general description of the property; and

  • The fee available to the procuring agent.

All of this information is available in a format that you can easily print or e-mail as an attachment for your and your client's reference.

While you may find answers to some of your questions on our broker FAQ page, we invite you to call us any time for more information or assistance.