The Principle Group Strengths and Capabilities

The Principle Group is unique because of its combination of experience,

technology, personnel, and integrity of which we approach each part of the client's construction

and development project including:

  • We are experienced in new construction and alterations 

  • We are experienced in land use and government programs

  • Active and competitive in the local bid market

  • Active in both public and private sectors

  • We can handle multiple projects for you

  • Top qualified managers and administrators

  • On-site construction superintendence

  • Emphasis on quality and cost!

Safety: Safety is our top priority, with one of the outstanding programs in the state.

Information Technology: State-of-the-art technology for, planning, and managing, including project management, estimating, accounting, and scheduling.

Continuing Education and Training: A commitment to ongoing education and personal development ensures that, as the industry and technology changes, we continue to grow with the change.

The Principle Group's  Staff and Sub-Contractor's: More than anything else, the quality of our people sets us apart. Top professionals are drawn by our reputation for integrity and professionalism.  We hire top quality sub contractors who have years on experience and are focused in on full client service.   

Project Managers and Superintendents: Project managers and superintendents, averaging over 20 years experience.

Administration and Management: Administrative and management staff that are best in the business, providing top-level support for project management and field operations.