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Why Choose Build to Suit Lease?

We hear this question a lot! Why choose build to suit lease over existing properties? We believe that build to suit lease properties work best for growing businesses in Michigan and here are a few reasons why:

  • Because the facility is designed to your specifications, you lease only the facility need - no more and no less.

  • A new facility is designed exactly to your specific requirements, allowing you to operate with less space than you would need for an existing building that does not as efficiently meet your needs. It also results in greater functional efficiency and productivity in the day to day operation of your business.

  • The selection of colors and finish materials allows your facility to reflect who you are, and to help establish your own business identity.

  • New projects are typically located in areas vibrant with growth and activity, often with better roads and more convenient access for employees and customers.

  • The heating and cooling system for new space is designed specifically for your use, and employs modern equipment in top condition, resulting in greater comfort than is possible with a system that has been patched together over the years as older space is remodeled, often resulting in thermostats in inappropriate locations, oddly split and unbalanced heating and cooling zones, and marginally effective equipment.

  • New buildings reflect modern ventilation design practices, ensuring a continuous and adequate supply of fresh air and a healthy environment.

  • The restroom fixtures, and other plumbing, electrical and lighting equipment is of course new and employs the latest technology, offering quieter, more reliable operation.

  • The roofing system is new, ensuring that rain and snow do not mean stained ceilings and the aggravation and risk of property damage.

  • New space is more attractive and inviting than previously occupied space, for both employees and visitors. There are no stains, fraying or wear patterns in the carpet; no holes, patches, marring or mismatched coloring of the walls; no defects, fading or accumulated grime on the ceiling system and heating ducts; no musty or stale odors; no peculiar and serpentine layouts reflecting years of floor plan adaptation; no cracking or potholes in the parking lot; no faded, stained or mismatched paint on the building exterior - in short, nothing that reflects poorly on the image presented by your facility to your employees and customers.

  • New facilities comply with laws governing access for the disabled, removing the risk of your becoming involved in disputes or claims arising from access issues.

So if you are considering a build to suit lease in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Traverse City, Kalamazoo, Flint, Saginaw Detroit or quite frankly anywhere in the state of Michigan let us know if we can help. There is a ton of FREE information at our website.

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