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Do you have a client that wants to lease a new building? We can help!

From time to time we get asked if we cooperate with real estate brokers and agents and the answer is yes! We are here to help you and your client get the outcome you desire. We offer many types of Build To Suit Leases including partnerships. Here are a few more answers to popular questions we get.

What commission structure do you offer?

For most of our multi-tenant buildings, we are currently offering a 4% fee to the procuring agent for a typical five-year term (one-third more than a typical 3% split). The information for each multi-tenant property in our available properties section identifies the fee currently offered. Fees for build-to-suit projects and land sales are separately established based on customary industry practice.

When is the commission paid?

Typically half is paid when the lease is signed and any contingencies removed, and half upon occupancy. For land sales, the fee is paid within a day or two of closing.

Do I need to register my client?

No registration is necessary, but we are glad to provide a commission letter if desired. This letter identifies the client, the property, the fee structure, and the payment schedule, and provides written assurance of our commitment to pay the commission.

Is your property listed?

Most of our properties are not listed with any brokerage, although some of our larger retail projects may from time to time be listed. Whenever a procuring agent fee is identified on this website for a property, that fee is offered whether or not the property is separately listed.

How do I get access to show a property?

Just give us a call, and we'll arrange for access, with or without accompaniment, whichever you prefer.

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